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MARRIAGE WEBNashville, TN-Owner of Life-Line Worldwide, Jason Hollis is working on his first book about Marriage. In his own words, Jason Hollis had this to say about the new book “This book started around four years ago when God placed on my heart to write about the subject of marriage; before you get married this is what you need to know.  Everything started there and with the busyness of life time was going by without getting anything done with the book. I’m finally starting in 2016 to really get it into book writing and the whole creative process of it.  It is definitely a journey to really rack my brain thinking back to the first few years of marriage and really pinpoint the problems that my wife and I had; then sharing them with the world. It’s a big step to share about your own life, but I pray that this book will speak to many people of all ages about the need for good communication, intimacy, and above everything else having a relationship with your spouse that is moving forward into where God is calling the both of us. We are learning to hear God clearly and know His voice for ourselves and our marriage.”  There are plans to have the book published as well as have an audio version of the book when it is completed.  The workng title so far is “Marriage: The Story Of Love…Expect The Unexpected” it will have some amazing stories from friends and family as well as Jason Hollis’ own testimony about walking through the fires of life to get to the other side in marriage.  This book is written from a man who has been broken, had an encounter with God, and has a marriage that is a continual work in process but has been redeemed by the blood of Christ.


GrayMattersFinalDeKalb, IL-FUE (pronounced “few”) is an Alternative Christian Rock band that has been dazzling audiences throughout the country with their modern alternative rock and a hint of 80’s synth-pop sound.  The Chicago-based band are releasing their brand new album, “Gray Matters” to online retailers, which features ten new original songs that are hook-laiden and present an emotional-soundscape ready for movie and television soundtracks.  Lead singer Joanna Rutzky describes the new project, “it’s a collection of songs that were written out of personal events in the band’s lives over the past few years, making this our most intimate lyrical album yet. In life it seems that we would like things to have clear black and white answers, but many times there are situations that fall into the “gray” areas. It’s in these gray areas that we have to navigate through to find out who we are and what we believe in the midst of that.”  The concept of “Gray Matters” really resonates with the idea that we all have questions that need answering and feelings of hopelessness at times in life when things just don’t make sense.  Our hope is that whoever hears these songs will be able to relate with them because we all go through hardships in our lives and it’s comforting to know that we are not alone.  Not everything has clear cut answers, life is full of pain and tension, but, hope and love are weaved throughout it all and worth fighting for.”  The band consists of the intense emotional vocals of lead singer, Joanna Rutzky, Isaac Flex on Bass Guitar, Abi May on Synths/BGV’s, and brothers Tim and Aaron playing guitar and drums, respectively.  The band has been busy on the road playing at Cornerstone Festival, Alive Festival, as well as schools, churches, bars, and music venues throughout the United States sharing the positive message and energy of their music with a larger audience.


Fast Tube

Coming on June 7th to online retailers is the new album by Chicago‘s own, Geeda “The Final Call.” The album features guest artists such as Sean Slaughter, Thi’sl, K-Drama, D-Maub, and more!  Musically, the album mixes a unique blend of Hip Hop, R&P, Rock, Pop, as well as Praise & Worship it is truly Geeda‘s finest work to date and will absolutely raise the bar for the Christian Hip Hop genre.