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Dallas, TX-Songwriter, Producer, Rapper, Recording Artist, Matt Mayer has been hard at work on his upcoming debut album, American Survivor; he took time out to come get some work on the business side of things in Nashville.  “I came up to work with my business partner, Jason Hollis of Life-Line Worldwide; we are getting my publishing, PRO (Performing Rights Organization) at BMI, copyrighting my songs, networking with producers & industry guys, and getting everything set-up for the record” says Matt Mayer.  While in Nashville Matt really wanted to get to see the inner workings of the songwriting and business-side of how things get done.  “I really want to do things right as Hollis is always telling me; take the time to do it right don’t let the industry dictate how you do things.  At the end of the day I want to make relevant hip hop music that speaks to me and hopefully to millions of people the world-over.  I’m the kind of artist who is very meticulous about the lyrics and how that message comes across.  This trip has taught me a lot and I’m just excited to see where the music will take me” said Matt Mayer.  American Survivor the album will be arriving late 2017 stay tuned for details.


Dallas, TX-Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Graphic Designer, Matt Mayer has released the first video for the song “The Human Race” which is from his upcoming debut album “American Survivor.”  The video was put together by OneFifty Media House Production; and was recorded live in Dallas, TX at The Mill Street House.  “The song is about our relationship to time and battling the expectations that we ourselves and the culture at large puts on us,”says Matt Mayer.  Go check out the video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; just look it up as Matt Mayer Music.


Fast Tube Houston, TX-Recording artist, producer, songwriter, and rapper, Von Won is back bringing his own southern style of hip hop to the masses not only here in the United States, but around the world.  Von Won has been in the writing process this past fall/winter creating songs for upcoming tour dates in 2015.  The latest album from 2014, “Grace Still Abides” brought mainstream hip hop artists like Paul Wall, Scarface, Bun B & more together with Von Won to create a project full of positive messages to teens and adults as well.  Since 2007 Von Won has been putting out music to change the mindset of today’s youth and young adults to bring them to Christ through hip hop; now with over 6 albums under his belt; it’s time to get back out hitting the streets with his brand of hip hop changing the world one city at a time.


MERRY CHRISTMAS!! EditMerry Christmas as well as Happy Hanukkah to everyone around the globe!  We celebrate at this time of year the birth of Christ as well as traditions for many centuries.  We are thankful to God for our families, friends, health, and relationships near and far.  We pray blessings on you all and look forward to a new year to come doing God’s work here on Earth; until He comes back for His bride.  Amen.