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Pettidee Prophet BillboardReal Word Records and Soldier Sound Records recording artists, Lil Prophet and Pettidee teamed up recently to go to Zambia, Africa on a missions trip and to perform in front of crowds that knew their music and the lyrics to the songs.  When they arrived in Zambia on the way to the city of Lusaka, they came across a huge billboard with both of their pictures on it promoting one of the events happening later that week.  Pettidee had this to say about it, “when we saw that billboard with our faces and names on it we were like wow! This is crazy that the promoters went through all of that for us.  It was truly a humbling experience and exciting at the same time.”  When they arrived at their destination they were met by local recording artist/host for the event J2 who Pettidee just finished a track recording with him called, “Butta, Butta.”  Lil Prophet had this to say about the country of Zambia, “The media here in America doesn’t portray them quite the way it really is; they are very wealthy, the people independently own businesses, and they have a good state of mind and work ethic.” While in Zambia, Pettidee and Lil Prophet worked extremely hard doing as many as ten interviews in a day; everything from television programs like, “Quada Good Morning,” various radio stations both mainstream and Christian, as well as magazines, and websites. One of the largest events was at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies(ZCAS) in Lusaka and Lil Prophet and Pettidee were the featured guests at the institution’s annual Petty Prop Radio ZambiaOut The Box event which is organized by the Students Christian Interdenominational Fellowship Association(SCIFA).  The concert was amazing because the audience really loved hip hop music and they hung on every word that Lil Prophet and Pettidee said.  “In the end lives were changed and that’s the whole reason we came to Africa.  To impact people with the music and the message” says Pettidee.  The duo also got to enjoy a day of safari in the jungle and even got to get out on occasion and take up close pictures of the animals.  Lil Prophet said this about the safari, “man it was unreal lions, elephants, deer-like creatures and animals with big horns everywhere.” Then Pettidee responded, “All the animals were bigger than you.” All in all it was an amazing trip for Lil Prophet and Pettidee with a lifetime of memories that will shape them for years to come.

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