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OFFICIAL SHOW OFF FRONT copy (2)Holy-Wood Records CEO/Recording artist, Prodigal Son has been extremely busy touring throughout the country supporting his Billboard charting album, “Kingdom Swagga-Nomics” as well as promoting the upcoming compilation album, “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood.” The new compilation project, “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood” features the Holy-Wood Records artist roster: Prodigal Son, Cataz, Vell P, Cameron Joy, Bi-Lingo, Wen, Renegade of the King, and Hall of Faith Saints. The album also features guest artists, Canton Jones, Voice, and K-Drama.  Prodigal Son said this about the album, “My idea to put this cd out was to showcase a different breed of Christian Hip Hop to the world.  Holy-Wood Records is creating a New Era sound and vocabulary to the masses as a whole, and that sound encompasses street savvy lyrics with hard hitting beats and the Word of God presented in a fashion for everyday realistic living in a mode that most people are used to hearing.  So anyone that grabs this album will be glad that they purchased it!  Listeners will find many songs on this album to vibe to because it’s just that relational no matter what background you come from.  “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood” Compilation will be dropping to retail stores on April 26th nationwide through Infinity Music Distribution.  Fans can also check out www.youtube.com/holywoodrecords to watch videos surrounding the compilation “Welcome 2 Holy-Wood” as well as keeping up with new artist releases, live performances, and music videos.


In addition to the new compilation coming out Prodigal Son is releasing a new mixtape: Prodigal Son New Era Mixtape Vol. 4: “Killuminati” which features songs that deal with issues about the theory of illuminati, sensitive church subjects, Prodigal Son‘s testimony of how he came out of gang life, and the over-all theme of effectively helping people open their minds to the reality of the world around them today.  It will be available as a free download on www.lifelineworldwide.com.



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