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Nashville, TN music business veteran, Jason Hollis owner of Life-Line Worldwide is going on a mission trip to Africa. In a few short weeks we will travel to four nations: Rwanda, Kenya, Lesotho & South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town).  “This trip is a first for me, I’ve only been as far as Canada and Mexico. Reaching out to the world and getting out of our comfort zone is part of our mission as believers in Christ (Acts 1:8). I’m looking forward to being used to serve and learn from other cultures in Africa” says Jason Hollis. The trip will be led by Daily Audio Bible Missions Director, Mike Greenberg, and Jason’s long-time friend, pastor, and the voice of Daily Audio Bible, Brian Hardin.  Throughout the trip we will be taking emergency medical kits to all of the countries that we will be visiting.

The extensive trip starts in Kigali, Rwanda meeting with Bishop Rwaje as our leadership team prepares to bring Americans to this genocide nation in 2012.  If you are interested in going next year, I’ll have details after our trip.  Next, we’ll be travelling to Kenya to meet with Daily Audio Bible listeners encouraging believers in Nairobi.  Afterwards, we will continue on our journey to the lowlands and highlands of Lesotho where we will meet up with a group of Pastors and teenagers from Oxnard, CA from the United States.  We will be ministering and working together with a group of young boys starting at age 5 up to age 17 known as the “Herd Boys of Lesotho.”  While in Lesotho, we will be teaching Vacation Bible School (VBS), leading a Soccer Camp Outreach, working light construction depending on the needs of the churches, and facilitating a Pastors Conference to learn from each other as church leaders, cultural differences, ways of doing church, challenges, goals, and vision.  Finally, we will end our trip in South Africa going to Cape Town where we will enjoy some sightseeing and personal reflection on the weeks of service and ministry, vision casting and goal setting for 2012.  We will also be meeting with ministries in Cape Town to further the mission of Daily Audio Bible.


PRAYER: Please keep I and the team in your prayers starting now so that we have a strong covering by other believers.  Pray specifically for us to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, filled with strength, courage, and love, and to have our minds focused on Christ so that we can hear clearly hear from the Holy Spirit throughout this trip.

FINANCIAL: This trip is a costly one but, nothing that God cannot provide for.  In all, the trip will cost over $5000.  I am asking for each of you to pray and consider giving $100. If there is another amount you feel you’d want to give, it would be appreciated, and let’s believe… multiplied globally! The DEADLINE I’m asking to have your financial gift received by is July 1st 2011.  Please continue to pray that the finances will be covered for me and the others involved.

GIVE: you can do this in one of (3) ways:

1. Send Checks directly to: Jason Hollis PO Box 1468 Spring Hill, TN 37174-1468

2. Experience Mission: http://www.experiencemission.org/donate/donate.asp?section=volunteer&ID Enter my ID# JHOL1010

3. Donate DELTA Air Miles: If you have Delta air miles that you would like to donate email me directly, (info below)


Thank you in advance for your consideration and prayers.  May God bless you and your family for being a part of this adventure that is the

Kingdom of God!


For more information go to:
www.dailyaudiobible.com click on Community DAB Missions
http://www.experiencemission.org/brochures/LE_DB.html Brochure on Lesotho
www.theamia.org Anglican Mission In America
@4windsmission Twitter Four Winds Mission Spring Hill, TN
www.facebook.com/fourwindsanglicanmission Four Winds Mission Facebook


Peace & Love,
Jason Hollis-Life-Line Worldwide

jason@lifelineworldwide.com or visit: www.lifelineworldwide.com


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