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This is my journey from this summer to Africa and what I found out was that God has a plan much bigger than we could ever imagine.  I hope you enjoy reading through my daily journal as much as I had writing it and remembering more things I’d left out of each day as I began to type it out.  The people that I met and some that I didn’t in Africa have placed images in my mind that will be ingrained in me forever!  Thank you God for this awesome trip to Africa; I will never forget how it changed my mindset and I’ll never be the same. 

Peace & Love, J-Hollis Life-Line Worldwide



July 25th-26th

This journey to Africa was mainly to be a “fact-finding” trip for Rwanda for next year’s trip but, other events in Kenya, Lesotho, and South Africa have made this a once in a lifetime trip that I couldn’t pass up.  Wow!  I can’t believe that the day has finally come.  I’m actually leaving on a plane in 4 hours to go to Africa!  We got on our flight and flew from Nashville to Detroit and then on to Amsterdam.  At this point I slept some but, maybe 2-3 hours on the plane but, I watched the Liam Neeson movie, “The Unknown” action to the core, great flick!  I never knew that I could actually enjoy sitting for 8 hours on a plane, crazy huh?  I’m watching the monitor map of the plane in front of me and we are going over Ireland, UK, and many other countries until finally we start to descend down to the country of Amsterdam.  It looks like it rained and its 59 degrees F.  Coming from Nashville where its 100 degrees + it’s seriously a welcomed change.  Father Brian Hardin (FBH) & I go get some European Cappuccinos….mmm good.  So after the coffee break I noticed that this airport seemed really strange they had a high-end mall and restaurants and even convenience stores like Z!!t!z or something?  Well, then after 8 hours on a plane we get back on to another one for 8 more hours to Rwanda, Africa.  I actually slept well for a few hours then I watched “The Rite” it’s Anthony Hopkins w/ a great cast!  Listened to various music artists like: The Beatles, U2, Yes, Neal Morse, Lecrae, Canton Jones, T-Ran Gilbert, Pastor AD3, J.Fraze, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Metallica, Megadeth, Jesus Culture, Worth Dying For, etc.  Then when I thought surely we are close now…ha ha…we had 1000 miles left to go so I watched a couple of other movies to pass the time and then boom!  I fell asleep again.  I woke up 500 miles away and started to watch “Sucker Punch” and then we arrived there in Kigali, Rwanda. It was exactly how I had imagined and then on the flip-side it was nothing like I imagined at all.  The airport was small but, it had character.  We hopped in a taxi cab after we met up with Mike Greenburg (DAB Missions Director) and Chris Klum(Experience Mission).  We slept at this amazing yet expensive hotel called, “The Manor” it was nice and after we checked in we went upstairs to this awesome Indian Restaurant overlooking the city of Kigali.  Right below us was a movie premier going on with this party around the pool; I don’t really think of that kind of thing happening in Rwanda?  But, then there it was right in my face.  Cool air and beautiful people with the smell of charcoal throughout the land I’ll never forget it…now time to sleep…zzz


July 27th

Started out after a good night’s sleep in Kigali we had breakfast overlooking the city and it was a cool beautiful day.  We then went to the Kigali Genocide Memorial site where I was completely shocked by the stories that I read and sobered by the horrible things that happened in the name of power, greed, and evil.  In 100 days over a million lives were lost in complete horror as people were murdered by machetes, raped, and tortured, in front of their families.  It was truly hard to fathom that people would be so cruel.  It was so awful neighbor against neighbor for political control over the country while the world stood by and did absolutely nothing.  Afterwards we went back to the hotel to leave for Butari a city where we would stay for the week.  I was amazed as we drove from our hotel down here to Butari how many hundreds of new buildings have been built and how life is getting back to a sense of normalcy for the country of Rwanda.  Father God, thank you for showing your amazing love towards the people in Rwanda.  Where the people could have remained bitter and jaded but, instead they have chosen to forgive those around them and trust in you and your Word.  Amen


Tonight was amazing we met Bishop Nathan who is over the Butari Diocese when we arrived after being in a car for a few hours.  He took us to dinner at a place called Hotel Ibis which he then proceeded to feed us grilled goat on a stick, chips(French fries), and mushroom soup; it was actually very good!  After hearing from Bishop Nathan about a bit of history about Rwanda and just getting to know him a bit we went downstairs for some real Rwandan Coffee and some crepes with chocolate and vanilla bean ice cream….amazing!  We came back to the mission campus and sat out talking on the deck for a couple of hours in the cool night air.  Goodnight…thank you Jesus for an incredible day and bless me as I sleep.  Amen


July 28th

Today was an amazing day starting with a meeting with Bishop Nathan hearing the story of Rwanda along with the history of the government and the church.  He told us about the genocide and all that had happened up to the present time where forgiveness and restoration have become a way of life.  The government stated that beauty is a quick way to see change take place.  It was true too because everywhere we went things were clean even in the poorest villages it was clean.  It is so unbelievable and amazing to me to see the rebuilding of Rwanda and how it is growing very rapidly in business.  Then after the meeting we went to lunch and afterwards I got sick with diarrhea/vomiting; so I went back to my room and rested trying to feel much better.  I met up with the team at dinner even though I didn’t eat it was great fellowship.  Then afterwards we hung out on the deck as a storm approached to cool everything down.  It actually got cold enough that I put on a jacket.  The team prayed over me for healing from this virus that was upon me.  I went to bed kind of early and slept well until the Muslim prayers woke me up over the loud speaker at 4:55am.


July 29th

Today we rose early and I took a cold shower brrr because there was no hot water!!  Then we departed to two different genocide sites; it was so touching to read about the survivors and their reliance on God to keep them safe and comfort them.  The first site we visited was an old Catholic Church which was believed to have a visitation of the “Mother Mary” and the people there were not wanting to give us any story as to what happened there which was kind of disappointing.  The children there were great to hang out with but, then like everywhere things started getting out of control because they figured out that we were Americans and everyone started asking for money so we left.  The second site was in Murambi where we saw rooms full of actual bones, skulls, and lime preserved bodies of men, women, children and babies that were slaughtered it was utterly devastating and I will never forget those images.  But, it gave me hope to hear comments from survivors that they forgave many.   After a drive throughout the hillside we later ate at an African Buffet at the “Golden Monkey” it was good and I didn’t feel sick afterwards.  Then we visited a coffee plant to see the process that they go through to get coffee off the plants, opening the shell, and getting to the bean inside.  We went down to watch the ladies shelling the beans to make sure that no bad ones were placed into bags for roasting.  It was really cool to see that process and the entire mountain of coffee trees just mind blowing!  Afterwards we stopped and visited with several children along the roads who ran to us shouting Mizungo!  Mizungo!  Which means “White Man” most of the children had not seen white people before or very few of them.  They had such amazing smiles and just hearts of affection.  We played with the children for a while and took some pictures with them and then Pastor Lambert (Bishop Nathan’s Assistant) took us to a section of the village where the church owned some property where they are going to build a church and a school.


We then went to an Orphanage in Butari where I met Eric a 16 year old boy who had lived there since he was a baby and in two years he will begin a life of his own.  While we were there he was so excited to show me his room and then we took a picture together and he gave me his email to send it to him.  We saw a few of the seven children there and it just touched my life because I am adopted as well.


Then on to the Rwanda King’s Palace which was very interesting because they had imported three huts from the original King’s complete with milk and beer hut for the King.  Then we went into the King’s house or mansion as I called it.  It was cool to see the history of the past kings.  We then went back to eat dinner and went to sleep afterwards.  God you’re so amazing to me in how you turned the hearts of the people back to you here!  I am still very sobered by what I experienced today and how excited Eric at the orphanage was to show me his room that was just precious to me.  Thank you for your love for me and others Father.  Amen


July 30th

This morning after breakfast we went to work at the “community service” day which is the last Saturday of every month throughout the country that’s 11 million people!  We were headed for a field that used to be a road that the city was reclaiming.  It was grown over with weeds so we took machetes and tried our best to chop them down.  There were some much better than others at it for sure.  It was cool because the whole community stopped everything to come out and lend a hand.  Even the Mayor and the President of Uganda were there side by side with everyone.  There were torn down buildings that people were taking down to begin a fresh road.  The hour after the work is finished the people gather to discuss any issues throughout the community.  Afterwards the businesses opened their shops and we were getting FBH some internet data for the DAB readings and this guy was out front with a brush and soap and water scrubbing the steps.  Also an image I will never forget that the people take so much pride in their city and country that they make sure to clean the steps….amazing!!  We then ate lunch and cleaned up for a wedding at the church that afternoon.  The African wedding was really different but beautiful; it was all praise and worship music and very formal.  They made us sit on the front row because we were guests of honor?  Crazy huh?  That evening we went to Bishop Nathan’s home for dinner with the family.  He is such an amazing man of God and an incredible leader.  He really takes authority in the position that God has entrusted him with.  He and his wife were so sweet and hospitable.  His children were so precious as well and the two boys are so tall and I told them that they could be in the NBA for real!  LOL!!  Their daughter is so beautiful!  Great food and conversation throughout the evening! Thank you God for great leadership in our lives!  Goodnight….zzzz


July 31st

Sunday morning service was great the choirs lifted Christ up with praise and worship!  The dancing and worship was fun and it really makes me think that we need to do a music workshop next year possibly.  After that FBH got up and gave a sermon in fifteen minutes flat!!  At the end of service we hugged Bishop Nathan, his wife; Honory, Pastor Lambert and then we had to jump in the truck to get to Kigali to catch a flight to Nairobi, Kenya.  On the flight there was a guy who was partying it up excited to get home and as he was sharing his affinity for partying he asked me what I was doing in Africa and I told him mission work and he sobered up pretty quick saying, “praise God that’s great.”  On the other seat next to me this woman overheard me saying that I was doing mission work there and she turned out to be the wife of a pastor and the wild thing was that she actually knew Bishop Nathan in Butari.  We landed late due to a delay but, wow!  That traffic was the scariest thing I’ve ever seen; people making up lanes!  20 million people live in Nairobi and along the way we saw trash everywhere along the roads along with shops, fruit stands, slums, etc.  But, we finally got to the restaurant and had a great Daily Audio Bible Family Gathering with Gary and Brenda Kean and a guy named Rev. Sig Fesser who runs a Media company in Africa so we had a great conversation and exchanged information to possibly work together in the future.  The restaurant was like being in a “Twilight Zone” episode it was like we entered another time and space because it was soooo nice and a jazz band was playing etc. The food was amazing Lasagna, salad with a special French dressing, and a triple chocolate pie thing and I finally got a Diet Coke and a Mango smoothy!  Dude truly one of the nicest toilets I’ve ever seen complete with soap bubbles coming out of it!!  Great time and fellowship!  We slept at a bed and breakfast home thanks to the lady from Iceland whose name escapes me.  A very short night and we were up at 5am to get to the airport to fly to Johannesburg, South Africa.  Thank you God for another amazing day!  I’m tired…Goodnight….zzz


August 1st

Good morning!  The day started at 5am and we rolled into the airport and got through customs.  Got on a four hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa but, when we landed the drama began.  Chris Klum(Experience Mission) had forgotten his actual shot documents and only had a digital email version so they deported him back to the USA!!  Bummer for sure!  So Mike G. will now lead the team from Oxnard, CA in Lesotho.  We got picked up by Hine(Mike G’s friend)  and we ate at Cup & Muggs and I had a traditional South African dish: Lamb Chop, Ham, Sausage, Chips, and eggs with cheese.  Mmmmmm good!  Then once we got everything figured out with Chris Klum we rolled to the Don Suite Hotel near the airport which was nice.  The team from California had some issues getting flights in LA and so some were coming the next morning and the rest the next day after that.  So we missed a whole day of ministry but, it’s all good.  God had a plan.  That evening I cleaned up to meet Dumisani a radio guy/hip hop guy at Active FM in Johannesburg.  So when Dumisani got to the hotel we went up to my room to do an interview with me about my involvement in the Christian Hip Hop genre and about my company, Life-Line Worldwide.   Then he interviewed FBH about the Daily Audio Bible.  Afterwards we went downstairs for some dinner and fellowship.  After Dumisani left I met up with Jeff youth pastor from California, I shared with him about the Anglican Church and told him about our church, Four Winds Mission and our coffee house, Wind Farm Café.  Now I’m getting tired after emailing Sandy back home.  Thank you God for another awesome day here in Africa.  Amen Goodnight….zzzz


August 2nd

Well the morning in Joburg was great we took off in the bus with Jacque “the rock “who was our bus driver with five of the members of the California team to the city of Pretoria.  It was a very big city and the weird thing for me was that it felt like Southern California a bit.  We saw the US Embassy and several other embassys.  We went way up high on a hill where we saw a zebra, wildebeest, and then drove up to a very high point overlooking the city.  We went to an African barder store and I got a couple of things for my wife.  It was very strange because everyone was trying to sell me something cheaper than the other guy.  Lunch was spectacular at a place called “The Windmill” it was a traditional Dutch restaurant.  I had Hack and Prawns=fish, shrimp, and chips.  We then came back to the hotel and waited for the rest of the group from California to get there.  After the team got there we had an orientation meeting with pizza etc.  After that we went to sleep….zzz


August 3rd

We got up in the morning and headed to Lesotho as a big group on the bus.  We drove all day and ate KFC(which is huge there?) we finally got there and went to our hotels, etc. dropping off our luggage.  Then we went about 10 minutes down the road to the border and walked across this long sidewalk and looking to our left down below to see trash everywhere.  Lesotho was a very poor country with an eerie feeling kind of like Nairobi.  But, the terrain was of course completely different than everything else that we had experienced up to that point.  Tin houses, brick houses everywhere and thousands of houses/shacks everywhere.  We were only there for about and hour or two with the children who were so adorable and then we went back to the bus.  We went to dinner when we got back and Hein and his wife cooked sausage which was like brats and salad.  The manager, Johan of “The Manor” was a crazy business guy who had worked all over Africa.  He made a fire and we hung out till it was freezing outside.  Then Mike G, Ryan(sports guy), and I went to sleep at our flat trying not to freeze….zzz


August 4th

We began the day with a hearty South African breakfast and then took off for Lesotho.  We had what I thought to be a great pastors discussion but, it turned very ugly because of the differences in understanding.  Hein who has ministered all over the country of Africa for years, led the group and had amazing things to say that I thought stimulated the conversation. (Ex: Mango/Bannana)  But, instead I later found out they did not take kindly to Hein being a South African leading because of the differences and prejudices between the countries.  It was very strange, sad, and awkward.  Also, there was a group planting potatoes for the city outside of the church.  We ate PBJ sandwiches, apples, cookies for lunch which seemed fine but, the reality was that the pastors were offended that we didn’t serve them “grown-up” food like steaks etc.   They actually complained that they were fed children’s food!  These are just difficulties and differences you have to go through on some mission trips it’s a learning experience.  After which we played with the children and talked to the pastors for a while.  The Vacation Bible School (VBS) and Soccer camp started a little later in the afternoon because we had to wait till the children got home from school.   The VBS was great because the kids really got into singing, learning, and coloring.  The soccer clinic went very well with over 170 kids.  When the day was over in Lesotho we drove back to our hotel.   Mike G. and I went to the WoodPecker Bed & Breakfast to get on wi-fi after we got back from the long day and then made some coffee and chilled for a bit.  We then went to dinner at “The Manor” with the Cali team and hung out afterwards talking until we got tired and finally went to sleep….zzz


August 5th

Got up and ate breakfast and drank some coffee with the team.  Afterwards we loaded up on the bus and drove to the highlands of Lesotho which took all day but, wow!!  God’s beauty was so amazing in the mountains and the Katse Dam with flowing water below.  We stopped at a soccer field for an hour or two so I took off and headed for the mountains.  While out in the wild I had an awesome time in prayer and exploration getting some amazing pictures.  I walked down a ridge on the side of a mountain until I could see far across the mountain range in front of me as well as the river beneath me.  Then I looked behind me and realized that I was so far down that I couldn’t see the team anymore so I headed back up the mountain until I could hear the kids playing soccer.  When I got back up we loaded up the bus and headed for the lodge on top of the mountain.  After we checked into our rooms our extremely cold rooms without heat except for our bedrooms wall mounted heater we went up to the lodge.  I think we all took pictures of the mountains with the beautiful sunset behind it outside on the lodge back deck.  I took video as well so Sandy could see this amazing scene.  We came back inside to get some dinner and hang for a bit before we headed back to the cabin.  After we got back to the cabin JP and I tried to start a fire for a long time and then she found a dead tree so we got the fire going and then we all hung out around the fire.  After JP went to bed we sat in chairs in the freezing cold looking up at the completely different stars in the sky.  FBH took some amazing pictures!  Then after we got tired we went to bed….zzz


August 6th

We left on the bus around 9am and drove up and waited for an hour until the taxis got there to take us up the mountains to the village in Lesotho.  The ride in the “taxi” was probably the most terrifying drive I’ve ever been on.  It wasn’t a road per say it was dirt on the side of a mountain complete with random boulders which had fallen from above us.  One wrong move and you go off the side of the mountain straight down!!  After an hour or more we arrived in the village and my heart was pounding even though I knew that God had spared our lives and that He would take care of us.  The village was truly like something out of Lord Of The Rings; stone circular homes/huts with thatched hut roofs.  The people were really nice for the most part and of course most of these people had never seen white people before and the language barrier was difficult for some.  I walked through the village with a guy named David who taught English in the make-shift school there.  He told me that they need a school building that is not outdoors.  This seemed consistent with everywhere else in Africa outside of Rwanda that we went; people wanted handouts especially from America because it is a sign of strength to have a contact there.  The difference in my mind was that no one at all in Rwanda asked us for anything instead they served us every chance they got to.  They actually utilized their resources, if there was a tree or if they built bricks they would build something with them or sell them to build the economy or to feed their families.  Now that I got that off my chest…back to the village; we met a group of “Herd Boys” who would beat corn/maze to make a drink and for food.  While standing watching this unfold, there was a guy who I believe was possessed and the people said he was out of his mind crazy.  I just prayed that God would take every foul spirit from that place.  He began to speak in a strange voice and so I continued to pray and eventually he was silent.  We then went down to a lower level of the village where we began VBS and Soccer Camp with the kids and they loved it!!  They were so happy and we had Pastor Josias interpret the Bible for us during the VBS.  The Soccer Camp was amazing and Ryan led the kids in several different exercises and they got into it!!  We left the village around 3:30pm and back in the “taxi” because it had started snowing yes I said it snowing!  I pretty much closed my eyes the whole way and prayed for safety.  We then got back to the bus and I looked at Jacque and he just started laughing and said “I told you that it would be crazy!”  He was so right on that one!  We got back on the bus and drove up the mountain in the snow which was beautiful.  After we got back we went to Hein’s for hamburgers with Chaka-Laka sauce which was spicy yummy goodness.  We then went to the lodge and chilled by the fire place until we got tired and came back to the cabin.  I got on gmail to email my beautiful wife.  FBH and I chatted a bit and then I went to sleep…zzz


August 7th

Good morning Jesus I thank you for the beautiful snow last night it looks awesome!  Sorry Tennessee it’s so cold here in the mountains!  Well instead of having church first we decided to attempt to go down the mountain.  Today is probably the best chance we have to get down the mountain because they are calling for more snow this afternoon.  So Jesus keep us safe and give us your angels to guide us down the mountain.  Thank you for a wonderful trip so far.  Well, we made it down the slippery slopes and now back through the lowlands of Lesotho.  We stopped at a little town and then boom!  Church broke out on the streets it was awesome.  I’m actually inside the bus talking to Pastor Aaron but, looking through the front windshield watching this going down.  Worship was rockin and some Word was given to the crowd.  Everyone came back on the bus with a “Herd Boy” blanket/outfit with hats etc. I however did not buy one.  We then drove back to our hotel and stayed at the WoodPecker B&B and had a great evening!  Now to bed I go…zzz


August 8th

We loaded up after breakfast and headed to Johannesburg, South Africa but, stopped along the way at a wildlife national park and we stayed in tents!!  It was actually cool and I was surprised because I don’t like camping outdoors etc. We ate Steaks, Sausages, Chicken, Lamb Chops, etc. mmmm!!  We then had a meeting with Hein and the Cali team discussing the mission trip in Lesotho and what we learned.  JP and I grabbed Jeff’s guitar and sang a song for the kids and then we sat around the fire.  After we all went to bed Mike G. and I stayed up watching 30 Rock on his laptop and I gotta tell you it was soooo funny!  Then shortly after I was knocked out…zzz





August 9th

Got up early and went on safari!!  I gotta say I was a little scared about getting on a truck with no windows but, it was all good.  We saw zebras, wildebeests, Giraffes, Hippos, Alligators, Deer, Antlopes, Lions, etc.  Then we headed to the Rhino and Lion Reserve where we got to see up close Lions, Tigers, Rhinos, Hippos, White Lions, White Striped Tigers, etc. it was absolutely awesome!!  On the way back to Johannesburg we saw giraffes on the side of the road so we stopped and took some pictures.  When we go to Johannesburg we said our goodbyes to Jacque and the California Team and then we boarded a plane to Cape Town.  We arrived around 9:30pm to the place called the Team House which was right on the beach and there in front of me was the ocean.  The Team House was an organization that housed mission teams coming to Cape Town.  When we got there a worship band from Knoxville/Atlanta was staying there and doing concerts at various churches throughout the city. They seemed to be pretty cool people…I was so tired I crashed….zzz


August 10th

Wow!  What a fun-filled day ahead!  We started with breakfast and then took off in our rental car to Table Mountain it was scary going up the gondola but, I gotta admit on top of the mountain overlooking Cape Town it was amazing!  When we got to the top we walked all around the mountain it was simply breathtaking in every direction.  Then after walking around for a while we decided to eat lunch in the café and it was a buffet of South African cuisine.  Then we drove to the city of Stellenbosch where we found a vineyard called, Asara where we did a wine tasting with a special pizza that was specific to each wine.  It was simply amazing we felt like we were in Italy it was beautiful with the mountains in the background.  After that we went and relaxed in the Sansibar where the fireplace was great.  We then drove back to the Team House for more adventures tomorrow await us.  Thank you God for another amazing day!  Goodnight…zzz


August 11th

Ok another adventure day of relaxation and thrills begins in Cape Town.  Today started with a trip to Boulder Beach with that’s right, penguins.  They are so cute but, they will snap at you at least the feisty one’s.  Beautiful scenery and so of course we shot pictures and videos there.  Then after hours of walking around we went to lunch at a little beach front restaurant and had fish and chips.  We saw whales jumping out of the ocean as we were eating lunch apparently this was the beginning of whale season in Cape Town.  Then after lunch we got in the car to find a flat tire so JP and I sat on a hill while Mike G. and FBH went to fix the flat.  The car was fixed rather quickly and on the road we went to Cape Point which is the farthest point South/West of Africa.  We didn’t actually go on the tour because of the time factor but, close enough.  Then we headed back to Stellenbosch to walk through the shops and boutiques.  We stopped for coffee at Vida and had a café mocha…yummy and they play the most grooving R&B music there!  We then headed back to wine country to visit other vineyards and mainly just to see the beauty of the land.  After searching all over we ended up back at Asara for dinner.  They treated us like celebrities or something they even put us in a special room.  The food was amazing and then desert was unreal!!  We hung out for a bit but, we were getting tired and we still had to drive back to the Team House so we loaded up and got home 45 minutes later then went to bed….zzz


August 12th

Got up early to eat breakfast and had a great time in prayer and reading the Word as the rain fell outside my window.  Then we headed out in the car on the last day in Cape Town just driving throughout the city.  We got back to the Team House around 3pm to pack up and then headed out with our driver to the DAB dinner in downtown Cape Town it was beautiful the malls, ocean front with boats, and simply beautiful coast line.  We at at a place called Belthazar an amazing steak and seafood place!  We had an amazing time with a couple from Nashville who moved there because God said, “I want you to leave this life and move to South Africa.”  The stories that they shared of how God orchestrated everything was simply mind-blowing!  It was a great time had by all and the food…mmmmm!  We then got in the van and headed to the airport and got on a plane for 12 + hours to Amsterdam.  Goodbye Africa I will miss you very much and I will never forget the experiences.  Thank you God…now I’m gonna sleep for a bit…zzz


August 13th

Well I slept on the plane for a few hours and then watched movies, listened to music, and read a book.  I was so tired of sitting that I had to walk around the plane for a minute.  Finally, we landed in Amsterdam and we got out and walked around in the mall/airport for a while.  Mike G. and I walked outside and tried to take in what little bit of Amsterdam that we could.  We met for a DAB lunch at a place called Touchdowns and the people came from all over Europe; UK, Germany, Amsterdam, Australia, etc. It was a great time of fellowship for everyone.  We had this tasty ginger bread that one of the gentlemen brought to us.  Then, after lunch we got on another plane for 8 hours to Detroit, MI in the USA!  I had a Chili Coney for dinner and then got on that short flight home to Nashville to see my wifey!  I have never been so glad to see my wife it had been almost a month.  Then on to sleep for hours….zzzz

Thank you God for getting us home safely!


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