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ImpactHELLO-660x330David Prince (formerly known as Da Prince) is releasing a brand new mixtape on April 20th called, “Hello” which features ten fresh new tracks.  The purpose of doing this mixtape and calling it “Hello” according to David Prince “I wanted to reintroduce myself to people that already support me and the ministry with the name change to David Prince; but I also wanted to introduce myself to people that have never heard the music. The things that Christ has been teaching me throughout the last four years have really mad me stable in my beliefs and have given me a foundation on which to grow even stronger.”  The songs on this mixtape “Hello” are “Hello” “Broken People” “Why” “Spend Time With You” “I Need You” “Love You Like A Love Song” “Story Time” “Dear Pastor Gray” “Walk With Me” and a special worship song, “How Great Is Our God.”  The first single and music video “Hello” is hitting radio and is on You Tube channel “I Am David Prince.”  Look forward to seeing David Prince on tour all summer long throughout the country and locally in Nashville, Tennessee.



For more information on David Prince: www.iamdavidprince.com 


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