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Spring Hill, TN-Four Winds Mission and Daily Audio Bible are partnering with Cargo Of Dreams a Christian humanitarian organization out of California that has dedicated their lives to helping transform impoverished communities around the world by converting shipping containers into fully functioning schools, health clinics, or any basic need in a community to provide relief for others.  Cargo Of Dreams is sending a shipping container to Spring Hill, TN which will be arriving on May 17th at the Wind Farm Cafe parking lot to begin work on the “Butare, Rwanda: Kindergarten School Project.”  Cargo of Dreams’ mission has always been to improve the quality of life by engaging communities through businesses, organizations, churches, and families to transform these shipping containers into a labor of love that will be used by communities around the world.  The project in Spring Hill will last for 6 weeks and will be shipping the container to Rwanda at the end of June.  Each weekend on cargo workdays there will be fundraising events such as a BBQ, bake sale, a breakfast the food will be FREE with a donation to the project.  The Wind Farm Cafe is giving away FREE coffee from 7am-10am daily.  All funds raised will go to help with the expensive costs of shipping, but as D.A.B. Missions Pastor, Mike Greenberg added, “We are truly believing in faith that God will provide the financial needs for the Butare, Rwanda: Kindergarten School Project, but we need your help to make this a reality.”   Bishop Nathan Gasaturu of the Diocese in Butare, Rwanda is coming to visit the Spring Hill community on May 25th-27th so come out and meet a true man of God who has been a key leader to keep the message of  Christ very prevalent throughout Rwanda.

Come be a part of this historic project of hope and change to a new generation in a country where genocide once defined it, but now forgiveness and restoration is the common theme throughout this amazing land of a thousand hills.  But, still there are many needs of children and adults alike with several issues on hand like malnutrition, abuse, financial instability, poverty, poor health and more.  This is your chance to give your heart to something that can impact children in a community for the Gospel of Christ to ensure that acts like the genocide never happen again.  In October of 2012 Daily Audio Bible Ministries will be taking a group to Rwanda to continue the mission of seeing this forty-foot shipping container become a school in reality as well as many other activities to continue to build deep relationships in this remarkable country.  Please come to volunteer at the Wind Farm Cafe in Spring Hill, TN 30 minutes south of Nashville, TN.  

Wind Farm Cafe 
4821 Main Street
Spring Hill, TN 37174 

For more information please call: 615-574-4922 To get involved email: heathermiamaize@mail.com or missions@dailyaudiobible.com or visit the website: www.rwandacod.org or www.dailyaudiobible.com 


Our current needs: http://bit.ly/rwanda_cod_needs
Printable community flyer: http://bit.ly/rwanda_comm_flyer
Printable corporate sponsorship flyer: http://bit.ly/rwanda_corp_flyer



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