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DOC-reunited-3Nashville, TN-Coal Mine Entertainment, Grammy and GMA Dove Award nominated recording artists, D.O.C. (Disciples Of Christ) are back after over a decade of silence. The Hip Hop Pioneers are in the studio recording a brand new album under a new name, Nimisilla Park.  The name change is due to being gone for so long and wanting a fresh start, because Nimisilla Park is where it all started in Ohio for founders Alton Hood and Michael Brown.  The new sound of Nimisilla Park is bold, unapologetic, and melodically infectious you’ll want to sing along on every song!  it’s a hybrid of Hip Hop, Rock, and R&B says Alton Hood.   Lyrically the group talks about their faith in God, hope, relationships, life, love, redemption, and cultural issues of the day.  “This new album is the genesis of our creativity and spiritual awakening.  Our mission is to unite the races, generations, and the denominations throughout the world.  We have been hard at work in the studio making sure that every single song leaves you wanting more,” says Michael Brown.

The self-titled, Nimisilla Park project is co-produced by singer, songwriter, producer, David Oswald Cox (Nicole C. Mullen, Stacie Orrico, Pettidee) for Tower Of Pure Music.

This is our heart”s cry, our message to everyone from Nimisilla Park:

We live in a time of economic hardships, civil unrest, materialism, racism still runs rampant, and war.  Many people are searching for answers, desperate, hurting, and without hope.  But inside the silent, numbing pain; I can hear the faint whisper of the Father saying, “Don’t Cry.  I will wipe every tear from your eye.”  If you find your self stricken with addiction, wandering aimlessly in the land of lost dreams, paralyzed by the gross darkness of depression, fear no evil. The rain of his mercy and grace will bring you back to life. He is the God of the, “walking dead.”  Now go into all the world, “Snitch” cry loud, spare not, shout his, “Good News Song” from the mountain tops. Make known his deeds among the people.  Speak the truth in love. Many will find freedom and restoration from your story of redemption. Others will be offended and brand you as, “Trouble Makers.” Our God is a consuming fire so never forget that as you walk with Him. As an, “Ode To Jeremiah” Let the fire of your presence, burn a passion of revival into our hearts to reach the lost. As we fall to our knees, we thirst and hunger for more of you. We need, “The Outpour” of your love. Let the cry of hearts echo to a thousand generations. “Pour, pour, pour, pour your love. Love, pout it out on me!”

Be on the lookout for the brand new Nimisilla Park album in 2016!!


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