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Nashville, TN-Life-Line Worldwide has opened a management division with the first signing, Philip Renner of Philip Renner Ministries#RennerWorship, Worship With No Limits, and Missions With No Limits who is a worship leader, speaker, award-winning recording artist, songwriter, and producer who has been ministering full-time in Russia and countries in the former Soviet Union since he was 15 years old.  For years now, Philip along-side his family have been serving as the Youth Ministers at the Moscow Good News Church, founded and pastored by his father, Rick Renner.  In 2016, Philip along with his wife and children will be moving to America to begin ministering throughout the states; he will continue to travel back and forth to Russia and several countries in the former Soviet Union to continue ministering to thousands of people hungry for the Gospel of Christ.

The mangement side of Life-Line Wllww-manage Websiteorldwide opened after months of prayer seeking direction from God.  Jason Hollis owner of Life-Line Worldwide and long-time friend/music industry veteran, Jeff Fellers started talking about opening a managment division earlier this year after seeing Philip Renner lead worship and they both noticed something different about him; “Philip walked under the annointing of the Holy Spirit as he led worship and he was very open during the set to stop and walk in the gifts of the spirit through healing, giving words of knowledge, etc.  I’ve very rarely seen an artist that is authentic like Philip,” said Jason Hollis.  “Philip carries something for many people here in America; I think that his ministry will grow to new heights here in the US and back in Russia, he is truly an international worship leader.  I cannot wait to see where God will take Philip as a result of him being obedient,” said Jeff Fellers.  In the coming year, Philip will be doing several interviews on television, radio, print magazines, and online news outlets.  He will also begin playing at churches, conferences, seminars, and more.  So get ready to be ministered to at a whole new level and see what God does in America to bring the message of Christ back into our culture.

For more information about Philip Renner go to his website: www.philiprenner.com


For Interviews, Reviews, Review Copies, Booking: www.lifelineworldwide.com/contact



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