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Dallas, TX-Hip Hop Artist, Songwriter, Producer, Matt Mayer has released the 2nd video for the song “Forward” which is from his upcoming debut album “American Survivor” due later this year.   The video was put together by OneFifty Media House Production; and was recorded live in Dallas, TX at The Mill Street House. “We moving forward towards the light, through the darkness through the night…” says Matt Mayer on the new song, “Forward.” “I wanted to talk about that “darkness” in that lyric for a second, it’s really referring to the noisy world we live in; there are things catching our eyes, stimulating our senses wherever we go, just tugging on our hears to get our attention sometimes in the wrong direction.  It might be a media, politics, the arts, or evern our own minds, we are constantly being preached to.  It seems to me that the “sermon” is bigger, better, faster, stronger all at the same time; I want it all right now! I hope you all dig in to the lyrics of this song because I always want the lyrics to be the hero, not me” says Matt Mayer.  Go check out the video on You Tube; just look it up as Matt Mayer Music or “Forward.”  More news about the album, “American Survivor” coming soon.  Also, the new website, www.mattmayermusic.com will be up soon so check back.

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