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Dallas, TX-Hip Hop Recording Artist, Matt Mayer is giving fans an opportunity to join with him at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/matt-mayer-s-mission-to-america-music-rap#/

Matt is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming debut album, “American Survivor” and is doing some amazing packages for fans.  “American Survivor” is an idea of where the “American Dream” has taken a turn for the worst; propaganda is at an all-time high telling us what to wear, who to look like, how to act if you want to be accepted by the establishment. What movies, television, and music to watch and listen to, ads everywhere from print magazines, to radio, to television, to the internet telling us lies upon lies and making us believe we will never be good enough. “American Survivor” the album tells us… NO MORE! It’s time to deal with personal struggles and own them, it’s time to inspire and motivate people of all backgrounds, cultures, and races; it’s time to stand up & fight! The lyrical content is like a boxing match within Matt’s mind against the darkness that surrounds him daily and nightly; and he gives us the answers on how to combat them in his own words. It’s an oil painting that has been touched up and re-touched over and over again with a keen eye for art. This album will make you cheer out loud for the hero which is the lyrics and boo & hiss at the darkness trying to win over your attention and keep you locked in a cold, empty place. Because of Matt’s belief in God there is no denying where he is coming from and his perspective on how to fix problems and not be a reactionary person any longer. He’s learning to crawl out of the deafening sounds of shouts that he can’t do this or that; he’s getting up on his own two feet and walking this out step by step until the world knows what a true “American Survivor” is.

The album features 10 brand new songs that have been in the making for years because of Matt Mayer’s love for lyricism and making sure that this album is the best that it can be. As far as the musical direction, it’s for fans of Hip Hop artists like, Macklemore, Logic, and Lupe Fiasco as well as pop artists such as Adele, Coldplay, and Of Monsters and Men there’s literally something for everyone on “American Survivor.”


For more information: www.mattmayermusic.com

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