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Welcome to Life-Line Worldwide

P.O. Box 1468
Spring Hill, TN 37174-1468
Phone 615-562-2087

My name is Jason Hollis and I am a music and entertainment industry veteran, having served in various capacities over the last 28 years.  I have played with recording artists and bands in many different genres as a singer-songwriter, touring, and session musician from the 1980’s to the present in both CCM and Mainstream markets.  My musical background is as such; I play bass guitar, electric/acoustic guitars, keyboards, trumpet, and I am a classically trained vocalist.  On the entertainment/music business side of things, I have worked in film, video production, television, radio broadcasting, record labels, radio promotions, marketing, booking, as well as working with national print media magazines such as Billboard Directories and Musician Magazine.  In addition, I have worked for several years in music distribution sales and A&R at EMICMG, Diamante Media Group, Servant Music Distribution, Butterfly Distribution, to Crossroads Music Distribution.  In 2004, I helped create and launch Infinity Music Distribution a division of Central South Distribution the #1 Independent Distributor for over four decades. Over the last 15 years I have been doing A&R work; marketing records from start to finish as well as signing distribution deals for artists and labels working with everyone from Reach Records, Facedown Records, CAJO Records, and many more as well working with artists like Lecrae, Stryper, Tamela Mann, Tonex, P.O.D., MXPX, just to name a few.  Which all leads me to my own business called, Life-Line Worldwide which began on February 1st 2008 helping in Music, Marketing, & Management. Since the inception of Life-Line Worldwide my desire has been to help teach artists and labels how to do business the right way no matter how long it takes; do it right.  Now in the 10th year, Life-Line Worldwide has worked with artists in Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel, Country, Rock, and Praise & Worship it has been very rewarding to watch artists grow and walk into their calling making their dreams come true.

I have been a guest speaker at various conferences and events throughout the nation in cities like Memphis, Atlanta, New York, St. Louis, Orlando, etc. In 2012, I started an eight-hour course teaching the basics of the music business to independent artists and labels called, I.C.E. Workshop; we have had the opportunity to share in several different  cities including: Nashville, TN, Chattanooga, TN, Atlanta, GA, and Orlando, FL.

I’m also a composer/songwriter with BMI and have my own publishing company called, Life-Line Worldwide Music Publishing.  The publishing deal will allow me to write songs for and with other artists as well as sign artists to publishing deals; teaching artists how to go through the proper channels when getting a song out there to consumers.


Finally, five years ago I did something that I had written off years ago, Missions. I went on my first mission trip to Africa in 2011.  Now, I have been there four times and I have got to tell you my life has never been the same.  My mind has been re-arranged for the mandate, in Matthew 28:18-20 “19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” Three years ago, I formed a coffee company called, District Roasters Coffee after being in a small country in Africa called, Burundi.  The things I saw with my eyes could not go unnoticed; and so, the mission began to help with the needs in the community there.  Since 2014, we have been instrumental in building a medical clinic which is up and running serving thousands of people as well as a group of young men called, “The Scouts” who are training to be the future farmers of tomorrow.  We now work with several countries around the world, importing in the world’s best, freshest, organic coffee to change the world.

Because of this impact God has deep-rooted in my heart to reach people, He also put another thing for me to grasp onto; writing a book about marriage not just another one for the bookshelves but a purpose to speak to those in all walks of marriage from the beginning to the older, wiser, been through it all couples.  It will encompass several topics like, communication, intimacy, leaning on God in the hardest years of your life, and much more!  I trust that if you’re still reading this you’re understanding is that I’m not just in the music business because it’s “cool” or I’m not just a musician to “be seen” not at all I’m in this because God is doing something far greater through me that I don’t even have the answers yet to all of it.  That’s why our slogan at Life-Line Worldwide is this, “Where Ministry & Artistry Collide” because I don’t ever want to be just another “industry guy” who is plastic.  I want to impact a generation and then hopefully someone after me will replicate it.  My heart is to seriously take the knowledge of everything that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of in my life and give it away to others.  I’m not a finished product and don’t think I’ll ever be until I meet my Lord but, I hope you hear the beating of my heart in these words, “stop and listen for His voice. God wants to be involved intimately in your life.”


“Where Ministry & Artistry Collide” 

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