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Nashville, TN-Heller Ridge project featuring songwriters, Jason Hollis and Kevin Herrick; brings in veteran guitarist, Brad Noah (ex-Disciple, Dixie Horsepower) to lay down lead and rhythm guitar tracks for the upcoming 10 song album.  “Brad was the first guy I thought of for this album because I’ve been friends with him for years but I’m also a huge fan of his amazing techniques on guitar! He always comes up with the greatest riffs and solos.  The songs on this album are now coming into focus the way I envisioned them to be in my mind.  It’s so exciting to see this project shaping up we just have final vocals and a few more pieces of the puzzle to finish so we can hopefully get this out later this fall.” says Jason Hollis.  The musicians  so far on the album are Jason Hollis Bass/Lead Vocals/BGV’s, Kevin Herrick Acoustic Guitars/Lead Vocals/BGV’s, Patrick Maley Drums, Brad Noah, Electric Guitars.  The engineering/mixing is being executed by Max Hardin a.k.a. T.B.H. “This album is coming together on so many levels and we have a lot of choices of sounds to put on here to really make it a great sounding record.  I’m so excited for everyone to hear it.” says Kevin HerrickHeller Ridge self-titled album will be available on CD and Vinyl as well as all streaming services to make it available to fans everywhere.   More news on the Heller Ridge album coming soon.  Just check back often to see updates.


Nashville, TN-Tree House Media presents The Sound Mind Podcast features guest this week, Jason Hollis owner of Life-Line Worldwide.  Host, Peter Hartzell discusses the career from start to present with Jason Hollis and how he got his start and helpful information for young musicians coming up in the industry.  They talk about studio work, recording, touring, and working in the music business side of things through Jason Hollis‘ eyes.  The conversation really gives an insight to where God was leading Jason through the ups and downs of the business.  Go check it out www.thesoundmindpodcast.com


Nashville, TN-Country duo, Heller Ridge has been recording their debut album this summer at Red Room StudiosJason Hollis and Kevin Herrick are Producing, Writing, and Arranging this project and our addition to the team, Max Hardin a.k.a. T.B.H. (To Be Honest) is Engineering and Mixing.  The team have been working hard cutting studio tracks putting the finishing touches on the self-titled album will be released in late Fall of 2018 or early Winter of 2019.  “Timing is everything for us, we just want to do it right and have the best songs on this record,” says Kevin Herrick.  “We’ve put blood, sweat, and tears literally at times all of the above into this project and I’m so excited for you all to hear these songs!” said Jason Hollis.   The album is a mixture of Classic Country meets Southern Rock because of the backgrounds of the two songwriters; the songs are full of hooks you can sing along to and will leave you wanting more. Be on the look out for more information about this album coming out.


Nashville, TN-American Idol finalist, lead singer of Quiet Riot, and songwriter, James Durbin has recently moved to Nashville, TN where he is beginning a new season of his life after leaving California.  He and Jason Hollis owner of Life-Line Worldwide, music industry veteran, and songwriter have joined forces to write songs together.  Over the last couple of months they have been writing some new songs with a Brit-Pop Rock feel.  So far the two have written songs that have heart and meaning behind them which people can relate to and they are exited to see where their writing sessions adventures will take them.  Be on the lookout for the new Quiet Riot Live album/blu ray hitting shelves later this year as well as new music from James Durbin.