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7vnseal pic 17vnseal a.k.a. God’s Dagger is no new name to the music business having worked along side musically with assorted WU Family.  As a solo artist known then as Vizion and later as 80proof the Illa Instinct. As a child 7vnseal had a family that placed a lot of anger, pain, mental and physical abuse. As a teen he was thrown into gang-affiliations which led him into rapping at age 16 where he would begin to perform at parties, live battle contests on the radio and then in 2006 he linked up with Beretta 9 of WU-Tang affiliated group, “Killarmy.” Along the way in 2007 7vnseal got together with Shyheim the Manchild of the “WU-Tang Killa Bees.” After all the records were recorded and deals signed 7vnseal had a pastor tell him “there are no more chances for you.” So he repented and came to Jesus Christ into the Kingdom of God and he was given a new name, 7vnseal. Being discipled the last few years under the direction of Bishop Donny Banks at Victory Gospel Chapel in San Antonio, TX the Lord has changed his life for the better so that he can now use his talents for the Kingdom!


website: www.reverbnation.com/7vnseal

facebook: www.facebook.com/7vnseal
twitter: www.twitter.com/7vnseal 
youtube: www.youtube.com/7vnseal