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David Prince

David Prince was born and raised as a preacher’s kid in Okinawa, Japan where he gained an immense amount of knowledge from his parents teaching of Christian values and the wisdom that they passed down to him.  Little did he know that the instruction that he received would one day provide a solid foundation for the music ministry that he would begin.  David Prince was the youngest of five children and at the age of 15 when his family moved back to the United States after being in Japan on a military base for years; he knew that his one true desire was singing.  “Ever since I could remember, singing was all I ever wanted to do” says David Prince.  Now residing in Nashville, Tennessee David Prince has proved that the mentoring and education that he has received is beginning to pay off in ministering to youth groups at churches and events in his hometown of Nashville as well as throughout the country.  With all the hard work that he has been putting in over the last few years; his dream of reaching millions the world over for Christ through the gift of music is starting to pay off.  His passion and infectious joy that gives his fans a shot of adrenaline when they experience his unique music ministry.  His innovative blending of R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop with a message of hope, catchy hooks, along with a desire to reach the generations with God’s love has captured the attention of churches and ministries throughout Middle Tennessee as well as around the globe.  David Prince has opened for national acts such as Canton Jones, K-Drama, Pettidee, Viktory, Forever Jones, plus many more!  David Prince is truly one of the most talented songwriters around as well as an amazing vocalist, and youth minister with a living testimony of God’s keeping power, especially as a young person living in a world of negative influences.  He serves not only as a role model and inspiration to youth but, David Prince also believes that, “God looks more at your heart than your age.” He also uses it as a wake-up call to go after what God is calling you to do with your life.

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