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Dillon Chase


Dillon Chase from the 116 Clique initially came onto the scene out of Oklahoma. Dillon Chase started out rapping in 1999, and has had a distinct sound with his southern swagger yet theologically sound delivery. Originally a product of a home ridden with parents addicted to drug usage, Dillon was destined for a life of struggling. But, in 2004 Dillon recognized the importance of the redeeming blood of Christ and became a believer in Jesus as his Lord and Savior. In early 2007 Dillon’s life of servitude was seen and acknowledged through fellow Christian Hip Hop artists, Lecrae and Sho Baraka, thus officially initiating him into the 116 Clique. Currently Dillon is continuing to produce holy lyrics with a style and flare all his own emphasizing being a walking testimony off the stage as well as on the stage, of God’s glory and redemptive power. In 2008 Dillon signed with Kingdom City Records out of Kansas City, Missouri. He has been featured on Reach Records 116 Clique “13 Letters” Compilation as well as the 116 13 Letters Curriculum dvd set to the album. Also Dillon was featured on Sho Baraka‘s debut album, “Turn My Life Up.” Dillon Chase quickly became a household name in the national spotlight with his debut album, “The Pursuit” and continues to proclaim to the nations that Christ is truly the only way to perfect peace.

Discography: The Light, The Pursuit, Weak, Speak Up