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Lil Prophet


Teens across the world are looking for a change in the hip hop culture; they hear a lot of the same type of music and repetitive artists when they really just want to just have some fun. Here to lead this generation today is 22 year old energy-filled, crazy for Christ, Bible believing fanatic, and multi-award winning CEO of Real Word Records/Recording Artist, Lil Prophet. Born in Chicago, Illinois and now residing in Tampa Florida area Lil Prophet has shared the stage with legendary artists like Pettidee, Mr. Del, Grits, and many more. Lil Prophet a.k.a. Ryan Kelsie is currently finishing his Practical Theology degree and Associates degree in Biblical studies from Tampa Bay Bible College. He understands that you need knowledge to stand on when your faith is tested.


  1. Keith Jackson says:

    How do I get in contact with lil prophet or his agent?

  2. J-Hollis says:


    The easiest way is to go to http://www.therealwordrecords.com and click where it says send me an email. That will get to the label and they will contact you back. Thanks so much! Have a great day