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Matt Mayer, Graphic Designer, Producer, Songwriter, & Hip Hop/Rap Artist lives in Dallas, TX. Matt has been a fan of Hip Hop/Rap music for many years; 5 years ago he decided it was time to take his turn & grab the mic, & begin to dedicate his life to the craft in hopes that he would find his voice in a genre which has been going strong for over three decades. “I am a Hip Hop artist, creating music with a deeper meaning for passionate audiences. I’ve heard so many lazy & shallow lyrics with content promoting countless fallacies in our culture; I’m creating intentional, thought-provoking, well-crafted songs with an uplifting & honest message that’s what I fight for in every song” says Matt Mayer. “I’ve always been a big fan of lyricists. Lupe Fiasco, Eminem, Macklemore, & Logic are my top inspirations from a hip-hop perspective. Eminem mainly, not in terms of the content, but in terms of the lyrical craftsmanship. I’m also very inspired by other genres of artists including Adele, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Of Monsters and Men & others. I’ve been trying to mesh all these influences into my own personal style and the process has been such a fun journey. People ask me what was the fascination of getting into music? Fascination is such a great word for it because that’s exactly what it is. Every song is like a puzzle. I love, love, love the process of trying to put it together and present something brand new to the world. I love bars and rhymes, especially multi-syllabic rhyme schemes, in-rhymes, wordplay, alliteration, metaphor; All Of It!! From a more intentional and spiritual standpoint, music is influence. Everyone has earbuds in. Everywhere you go. I watched this documentary on sound and it was crazy how they were talking about sound waves. It is a very intimate experience of just hearing the human voice. All the little parts of the eardrum and how it’s connected to the brain is insane. So, I want to tap into music to influence people based on my worldview. Not that they have to believe everything I do, but I at least want the ground to be heard and felt. I’ve had people ask me are you looking forward to doing music full-time? Wow. That’s my dream right there; so, doing music full-time would be an amazing achievement in itself. I’ve worked so hard. Just so, so, hard over the past 5 years. Not to get a nod from anyone but because I love the craft of Hip Hop/Rap music, & the Rhythm & Poetry in case we all forgot. It’s a beautiful art form! My goal would be to continue making albums late into my 60’s God-willing– just to never stop writing, keep creating. I’m in my early 30’s now, but I feel like I’m in my 20’s with the energy that I have creating music; and I feel like I’m just getting started; this is a destination not a vacation from life. I know this is what I was born to do.”

“More concrete goals would be to bring Shrewd Music (my idea for a label) into fruition. My goal would be to run the creative and artistic direction for other artists that fit with my goals and aspirations. I would also like to achieve a lifelong goal of starting a clothing line associated with it. I love art. Period. If I could get just a small taste of these goals, I would die a happy man.”

Matt Mayer is currently in the studio recording & putting the finishing touches on the upcoming debut album, “American Survivor” which will be out late summer 2017. “The lyrics for “American Survivor” were not planned. The album title came after a revelation and affirmation from God on some consistent themes in my music. The crux of my songs focus on victory and survival through real life struggle. Whether that be the struggle to push back against the forceful propaganda in American culture or your own personal struggles, this album is intended to inspire and motivate the listener to fight.

American Survivor Production From Matt’s Perspective:
“The production side of things has been a back and forth process. There are some songs that have a very intentional and planned sound to them and others that me and my producer, Josh, came up with on the fly. The sound I’ve developed has a main focus on the lyrics and so the music is just the backdrop for that– aiding and supporting my vocal tracks. I’m not going for overproduced club bangers, just solid, well-written and well-produced songs. We only use what we need. If it doesn’t illuminate my subject matter, it gets tossed.”

“Everything on this album has been a learning process. It’s my first one, so naturally there is going to be a learning curve. The biggest thing I learned in terms of writing was essentially to stop doing it. In the past had written so much content and then would try to force it in the song. Once I got comfortable with my delivery, I just let the music speak to me. Once I learned how to meld with music, the vibe, the cadence of the music, the lyrics came more naturally and freely. I stopped forcing lyrics into the bars and just whatever my natural cadence was became the hero. Being in the studio was a Super-Fun time and I can hear a huge difference. That process takes years and years to develop through tons of takes and reps, but it’s all worth it.”

Refreshing Lyrics. Genuine Delivery. Honest Music.
–Matt Mayer in his own words:

Refreshing Lyrics
Words are extremely powerful–both positively and negatively–and so I place a strong emphasis on the lyrical content of each song I write. Every word has been deliberated, doubted, and over-analyzed for the sole purpose of communicating or supporting a specific idea or concept in the unique song it rests in. I’m constantly wondering if there is a more intriguing way of describing something, a more interesting rhyme scheme, or an unexpected and different delivery that will catch the listener off guard.

It’s all about the art of storytelling. I think of writing as painting pictures- just with words and sounds instead of a paintbrush and paint. I find my natural tendency is to convey the scene or emotion I’m feeling through a visual vocabulary of descriptive metaphors and multi-syllabic rhyme schemes.

Genuine Delivery
Conviction, authenticity, and transparency sit at the forefront of my delivery–right down to the syllable. I love the process of matching the cadence, tone, and emotion to the specific lyrics at hand. Only by experimenting and exploring a wide range of takes am I able to find the one best suited to each word or phrase within a given song.

Honest Music
The thematic concepts in my songs will always come from a truthful and genuine place. I don’t manufacture content to suit what’s popular, but rather write organically about what I’m feeling and thinking about things in my life– joys and disappointments. Triumphs and Trials. The good days and the bad. I aim to be as vulnerable as I can be, speaking aloud what most may keep in, so you will always know that you are getting 100% of me- unfiltered and unapologetic. With ultimate transparency, comes the potential for disagreement and more than likely, you will not agree with everything I say. But my goal will always be to approach the subject matter I’m writing about with respect for every side as I do my best to give a clear, honest, and transparent depiction of where I land. More times than not, I find myself in a battle between ideologies as I am writing. So, in a way, you are a passenger on this bumpy journey of self-discovery that I am going through–as an artist, and as a man.

Being from the South, I will always have a little Southern twang to my delivery but find a lot of my inspiration comes from the East-Coast based rap with a heavy emphasis on lyrical content. I am also inspired by many other genres of music and seek to try new things in the music me and my team are creating– things that may be out of the norm of what people consider hip hop. My goal is to pay homage to the art form of hip hop while presenting my own, unique style and flavor.


Good Art
Art is work. It’s an internal battle to reach something special and unique. It’s encouragement and critique, enjoyment and frustration, excitement and apathy. Good art is forged in the crucible of self-doubt. It’s always honest. It may not be what’s always anticipated ore expected by your audience, or culture at large– or at times, even you. If you like it, it wants to know why, and deserves an explanation– whether rudimentary or sophisticated. It critiques itself, takes risks, pursues vulnerability, is conceptual and ever-evolving. Good art speaks powerfully, thoughtfully, and most of all–creatively.

Website: www.mattmayermusic.com

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram