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Mr. Del

website: www.mrdelministries.com
my space: www.myspace.com/mrdelholysouth
facebook: www.facebook.com/mrdel

Rapper/song-writer/producer Mr. Del is changing the face of music as we know it today.  His nontraditional approach to Gospel accommodates the need for a REAL Hip Hop artist BOLD enough to proclaim the pure, uncut, unadulterated word of God.  God’s anointed Hip Hop Apostle, Mr. Del, is committed to sharing the Gospel in a way unknown to most secular and non-secular audiences with the purpose of taking his message ‘to the streets”.  Formerly a member of the Oscar winning, platinum selling secular rap group Three-Six-Mafia, Mr. Del has rededicated his life to Christ and his message has changed to promote righteousness rather than sin.