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Sho Baraka

Sho Baraka was born in Canada but, raised in the state of California.  He later resided in Texas and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Sho Baraka was introduced to hip hop music at a very young age and living in southern California during the height of gangsta rap presented its challenges to many youths, as well as to Sho.  In high school Sho and some friends from his neighborhood formed a rap group that began touring.  But he quickly learned that his life took a different turn after the group came to a close.  His friends were killed or incarcerated due to the gang life that they led.  So with all of the chaos Sho decided to heed his father’s advice and apply to college, pursuing education instead of the streets.  There at school he came into contact with Lecrae and Tedashii and eventually the 116 Clique and Reach Records were formed.  His life quickly turned around as he studied the Word of God and became a Christian hip hop artist.  Sho Baraka released two albums under Reach Records in 2007 “Turn My Life Up” and 2010 “Lions And Liars” both of which became critics favorites.  In 2011 Sho left the Reach Records family to pursue his own label, Lions And Liars Entertainment so that he could impact the mainstream culture of hip hop even further.  Earlier in 2012 Sho along with JR, Suzy Rock, and Swoope formed a group called, High Society Collective and released “Circa MMXI: The Collective” which has been called the album of the year by several critics and reviewers around the globe.  Coming on January 1st 2013 Sho Baraka will release a brand new project titled, “Talented 10th” which will feature Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Tedashii through Infinity Music/Central South Distribution.  This is just the continuation of a story that will in the end be a strong testimony of what hard work and faithfulness to God can do to impact the world for Christ.


High Society Collective