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Healthy Mums


Mission Trip 2015 Web VersionNashville, TN-Life-Line Worldwide writer, speaker, physical therapist, and missionary, Sandy Hollis will be heading back to Africa on February 4th-19th 2015 for a mission trip with the ministry, Embrace Rwanda.  While in Rwanda she will be working in different villages and cities supporting rural communites through the Healthy Mums and Babies Project which will focus on decreasing infant mortality rates, early childhood development, and the unity of the entire family.  Embrace Rwanda has begun to grow in many different areas since it’s enception in 2006 opening doors teaching the men in the communites the trades in construction, farming, and many other areas to give them a sense of worth.  With the success of various projects Kigeme, Embrace Rwanda hopes to see mulitiplication and expansion in other areas of Rwanda.  Sandy Hollis and Tanya Grabbe will partnering and traveling with the Embrace Rwanda leader , Hilary King for thirteen days throughout four areas of Rwanda with hopes to support the existing nurses and families to bring about further family health and empowerment to see overall community transformation.