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Hype Radio With Chris Chicago


Invasion Tour West SouthThe Invasion Tour is coming to the West Coast with No Malice, Bizzle, Uncommon Culture, R. Collins, and B Fade as well as the South featuring V Rose, Kidd, Spec, and Uncommon Culture.  Both of these tour runs will be nothing less than high energy shows with a heart to reach the youth for Christ.  Get your tickets now!


llww-new-webimage001 (2)Nashville, TN-Music Business veteran, missions minister, and owner of Life-Line Worldwide, Jason Hollis is heading back to Africa for a trip that is going to be nothing less than epic!  “This trip we will be doing something revolutionary, we are partnering with some amazing ministries and businessmen from Africa Vision Foundation, Central South Distribution, Long Miles Coffee Project, Soli Deo Ventures and more.  What is happening is we are beginning a process to distribute coffee to America to retail stores, churches, coffee houses, or anywhere we can get this amazing product out to coffee fanatics!   The other side of this amazing venture is that we want to give a huge amount of money back to the countries where we source the coffee because for far too long farmers have been paid very little to support their families.  We want to create a new business model so that the people of Africa become self-sustainable and are paid well for their work” says Jason Hollis.  On the ground the team will go to the farms and see from crop to cup the entrire process of making the coffee including seeing the washing stations and the planting of the trees themselves.  This will be a new way of mixing ministry, business, and distribution for the coming generations.


Tekulve front cover_2400x2400Ocala, FL-Empowered Records CEO, Producer, Songwriter, and Recording Artist, Tekulve has a new album titled, “Inside/Outside” that hits online retail stores on May 13th 2014.  The album is filled with fresh new hip hop beats and lyrics that hit you where you live.  The highlights on the project are “Full Speed” featuring T Haddy, “Cover Me” “Eyez On Christ” featuring D Maub, “Take Off” featuring Pettidee, and many more.  “Inside/Outside” is distributed by Central South/Infinity Music Distribution and their digital distribution partner Syntax Creative.  Also, if you want a physical copy go to www.empoweredrecords.com


Tekulve_CoverMeOcala, FL-Empowered Records CEO, Producer, Recording Artist, Tekulve is giving away his new single, “Cover Me” as a free download! The song is from the upcoming project, “Inside/Outside” which will street on May 13th to all online retailers. When asked about the meaning of the song Tekulve had this to say, “Cover Me, Cover Me Nah Cuz I’m About To Go In” these are the lyrics opening the song.  Mark 16:15: “Then He said, Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the message of God’s good news to one and all.  This song will demand your attention from start to finish.  I’m asking believers to cover me in prayer as I go share God’s good news to the world through music. I believe in putting Mark 16:15 into action and actually doing what Christ says.  Spreading God’s love through the music that He has blessed me with to share with people from all walks of life.”  Be on the lookout for the new music for your summer jams.