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I.C.E. Workshop


ImpactTour_Flyer2The Impact Tour is comprised of artists from three different labels in Florida from Jacksonville to Orlando with Empowered Records, Triumfant Muzik, and Blood Certified.  The artists performing and ministering on the tour are Triumfant Muzik, Tekulve, D.King, Samp Da Champ, Regas, Danny Nunn, Gene, and Teeja.  The Impact Tour is a tour like no other! Certified by the blood, Triumfant through Christ, and Empowered by GOD. The goal is to empower future generations with the knowledge of Christ and help equip them for a world that’s full of distractions and dead ends. We share the love of Christ through music, teaching and motivational speaking.  If you would like to have the Impact Tour come to your city please hit them up on these numbers:
(352)-286-2905   (352)-551-5605  (352)-514-1448


GrayMattersFinalDeKalb, IL-FUE (pronounced “few”) is an Alternative Christian Rock band that has been dazzling audiences throughout the country with their modern alternative rock and a hint of 80’s synth-pop sound.  The Chicago-based band are releasing their brand new album, “Gray Matters” to online retailers, which features ten new original songs that are hook-laiden and present an emotional-soundscape ready for movie and television soundtracks.  Lead singer Joanna Rutzky describes the new project, “it’s a collection of songs that were written out of personal events in the band’s lives over the past few years, making this our most intimate lyrical album yet. In life it seems that we would like things to have clear black and white answers, but many times there are situations that fall into the “gray” areas. It’s in these gray areas that we have to navigate through to find out who we are and what we believe in the midst of that.”  The concept of “Gray Matters” really resonates with the idea that we all have questions that need answering and feelings of hopelessness at times in life when things just don’t make sense.  Our hope is that whoever hears these songs will be able to relate with them because we all go through hardships in our lives and it’s comforting to know that we are not alone.  Not everything has clear cut answers, life is full of pain and tension, but, hope and love are weaved throughout it all and worth fighting for.”  The band consists of the intense emotional vocals of lead singer, Joanna Rutzky, Isaac Flex on Bass Guitar, Abi May on Synths/BGV’s, and brothers Tim and Aaron playing guitar and drums, respectively.  The band has been busy on the road playing at Cornerstone Festival, Alive Festival, as well as schools, churches, bars, and music venues throughout the United States sharing the positive message and energy of their music with a larger audience.


llww-new-webimage001 (2)Nashville, TN-Music Business veteran, missions minister, and owner of Life-Line Worldwide, Jason Hollis is heading back to Africa for a trip that is going to be nothing less than epic!  “This trip we will be doing something revolutionary, we are partnering with some amazing ministries and businessmen from Africa Vision Foundation, Central South Distribution, Long Miles Coffee Project, Soli Deo Ventures and more.  What is happening is we are beginning a process to distribute coffee to America to retail stores, churches, coffee houses, or anywhere we can get this amazing product out to coffee fanatics!   The other side of this amazing venture is that we want to give a huge amount of money back to the countries where we source the coffee because for far too long farmers have been paid very little to support their families.  We want to create a new business model so that the people of Africa become self-sustainable and are paid well for their work” says Jason Hollis.  On the ground the team will go to the farms and see from crop to cup the entrire process of making the coffee including seeing the washing stations and the planting of the trees themselves.  This will be a new way of mixing ministry, business, and distribution for the coming generations.


Tekulve front cover_2400x2400Ocala, FL-Empowered Records CEO, Producer, Songwriter, and Recording Artist, Tekulve has a new album titled, “Inside/Outside” that hits online retail stores on May 13th 2014.  The album is filled with fresh new hip hop beats and lyrics that hit you where you live.  The highlights on the project are “Full Speed” featuring T Haddy, “Cover Me” “Eyez On Christ” featuring D Maub, “Take Off” featuring Pettidee, and many more.  “Inside/Outside” is distributed by Central South/Infinity Music Distribution and their digital distribution partner Syntax Creative.  Also, if you want a physical copy go to www.empoweredrecords.com