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Dallas, TX-Hip Hop Recording Artist, Matt Mayer is giving fans an opportunity to join with him at: www.indiegogo.com/projects/matt-mayer-s-mission-to-america-music-rap#/


Nashville, TN-Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Jason Hollis wanted to talk about something that he’s learning more about almost on a daily basis, Copyrighting your songs.  “I grew up in the 80’s and in the 90’s when I recorded music and toured for a living full-time and I had no idea what publishing, copyrighting, muchless how to read a contract.  Well, I’ve learned a lot since then and I wanted to share my findings” says Jason Hollis.  First, when copyrighting your songs go to the Library Of Congress website: www.loc.gov from there click on US Copyright Office which will take you to www.copyright.gov.  Next, click on Register a copyright and then click on Performing Arts Music, Lyrics, Sound Recordings, Scripts, and Stage Plays.  Once on this page it gives you a list of catagories that generally are used under Performing Arts.  Recently, Jason and his songwriting partner went to go  copyright ten new songs; after calling and researching on the website; they found that the  first step to take is to copyright the songs themselves by choosing the option of Works of Performing Arts or PA as most industry folks like to call it.  Secondly, if you are recording a project or album to put out as a physical or digital format you’ll need to go back in to protect the copyright of the “Sound Recording.” “This was news to me! I had never fully understood this portion of the copyright laws.  As soon as I learned about this portion of the business as a songwriter I knew that I had to share my newfound knowledge with others.  I just really want to share my findings along the way so that others behind me can learn. I’m sure that there’s a lot more that I’ll learn going forward and I want to caution you all; I’ve been in the music industry most of my life and I’m still learning new things all the time!  So never stop learning and I hope this sheds some light on Copyrighting songs.  God bless you all.” said Jason Holls.


Apply_pressureAtlanta, GA-Rhyme Council Music Group recording artist R-Swift has a brand new project titled, “Apply Pressure” dropping at retail stores nationwide on June 25th through Infinity Music Distribution.  The new album really challenges listeners to view life from a different perspective and is loaded with raw lyricism, thought provoking content, and beats that are top notch.  The songs that stand out immediately are “Raindrops” featuring Social Club “Problem” “Lookin For Trouble” featuring Sho Baraka and Eddie Nigma.  Then just when you think you’ve had enough street knowledge R-Swift brings out the RCMG finale with the whole roster of artists Big Fil, Fro Wundas, and Relz.  “Apply Pressure” has something for every hip hop head but just keep your mind open to what R-Swift has to say to a world longing for truth and acceptance.


Kings Album CoverHouston, TX-Still Trill Entertainment recording artists, Still Trill Christians debut album, “Kings” releases today at retail stores nationwide.  Fans can find the album at Walmart, Best Buy, Family Christian Stores, Mardel Christian Stores, and independent retail stores throughout the country as well as all of your favorite online digital stores.  The album, “Kings” is filled with messages that speak to youth on a level that they can truly understand everything from abstaining from sex to telling them that with God your a winner.  There is something musically for everyone here street level songs like, “For The Low” “Gladiator” “Keys & Yams” to pop/hip hop songs to sing along with like, “Winner” “No Sex” “New Day” and everything in between.  This is a debut album took careful planning for four years and will be on fans lips for many years to come it’s a hip hop classic.  Still Trill Christians recently shot a music video for the song, “Bingo” which should be hitting television this summer.  Get ready for a group that truly ministers and hits people where they live; watch out for them this summer at a city near you.