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Check out these music videos from the “Kingdom Business 5” project that are out now!


Atlanta, GA-Cajo Records & Canton Jones are releasing another installment of the compilation series, “Kingdom Business 5″ on March 27th.  This album features 19 brand new songs featuring, Canton Jones, Ramona Estell, 1KPhew, St. Claire and many more!  The project combines many different genres from hip hop, r&b, gospel, and worship songs to make you reflect on your walk with God, move your feet, and motivate you to hit the streets with a new playlist that will be played all spring and summer long!  Canton had this to say about the project, “It’s been a while since we’ve released a Kingdom Business project. The artists on this album are among the best that’s ever been apart of the KB series! Let’s go!” “Kingdom Business 5” will be available at Walmart, Amazon, and many online digital retail stores as well as streaming services.


Nashville, TN-Wow! Is another decade really coming to a close?!!  Time sure has a way of rolling on when we were just there yesterday, right?  As I look back on this decade it’s been incredible times of highs and lows; defining again the many ways that God has richly blessed our Life-Line Worldwide family.  I have personally gone through alot in the music business with changes and rearrangements through learning and relearning new ways to release music to the world.  Getting it out to people of all walks of life and fans has never been easier; there are social media platforms, digital music platforms, and direct websites to get music into the hands of millions!  I’m writing music, working on albums in sessions and A&R with different artists. I’ve been on mission trips around the world which has completely shifted everything in my life.  I’m now an official author with my first book about marriage coming out in 2020 and I’m already working on the second book about hearing God’s voice for yourself in everyday life.  I never asked for it but when I said yes to God, he has opened my heart and mind to write.  The coffee company that I’m involved with is growing and growing every year; District Roasters is based out of Houston, TX and it’s really a labor of love because we get to give back to the countries where we purchase the beans from.  We are looking to expand even more this next year.  I want to say a big thank you to all of the artists, clients, friends and family who have been a part of our journey these past twelve years.  There is so much more I believe that God wants to do in our lives and I’m looking forward to the next chapter of this journey we call life.  God bless you all.